Access Control


DMP Access Control Reader & Fob

  • WHO can gain access
  • WHERE they can gain access to
  • WHEN they can gain access to it

Tracking who enters your business is an essential part of maintaining a high level of security. Preventing unauthorized access should be considered a priority issue. PELMAC technicians can program access control systems exactly the way the customer wants it. Business owners will be taught how to use the integrated monitoring software to track who has used certain “readers” to gain access to a controlled area.

DMP Access Control System

DMP Access Control System

Benefits associated with using an Access Control System:

  • A printout of whom entered when and where
  • Mobile apps available for download to log into access system
  • Immediate detection of unauthorized users
  • If cameras are integrated with an access control system and an unauthorized user attempts to open a door, a camera can pan over and capture image or video of unauthorized user
  • Allow personnel to access only certain doors during certain times
  • No longer will you have the expense and vulnerability of having your facility re-keyed
  • Access cards and photo identification can be integrated
  • Ability to control remote facilities from one location
  • Control elevator access by user, time, date and floor