Video Surveillance

What is Video Surveillance?

Video Surveillance

Video surveillance monitors various activities that occur outside or inside a home or business. A PELMAC sales professional will suggest surveillance options based on your security risks. Surveillance installations typically come in three components, cameras, management software and video servers. PELMAC technicians and installers will explain how each element works together as an integrated system.

One component is camera systems. Cameras can be installed to monitor rooms, entrances/exits, parking lots etc. There are many different types of camera systems that are designed to fit your security needs, including, long-range, outdoors, wide coverage, sun glare and more. Read more about the camera systems PELMAC can install.

video surveillance

Video Management Software by Exacq

The second component of surveillance is the video servers. Video servers simply store your video footage. PELMAC sales professionals can discuss your storage options to suit your security needs. They can provide accurate calculations to provide the necessary amount of video storage.

Cameras capture footage that can be monitored and retrieved on Video Management Software, the third component of surveillance. Video clips and still images can be emailed, printed or archived. Footage can also be watermarked for investigation purposes. PELMAC installation staff will train appropriate staff on how to use the Video Management Software.