Four Ways to Stay Safe Around the Holidays

holidaysThe holidays are officially here and with gift-giving and gift-receiving, now is a good time to take extra security measures around your home and newly purchased merchandise. One of our vendors, DMP (Digital Monitoring Products), has released a series of facts and tips to help keep you, your family and your gifts safe this holiday season.

  1. There is a rise in car break-ins during the holiday season, so don’t store gifts in your vehicle, AND keep them out of sight while shopping.
  2. Leaving the boxes from your new, expensive merchandise at the curb makes your home a target for burglary. Make sure to take your trash out on “trash day” to minimize attention.
  3. Your home security cameras are the perfect way to confirm package deliveries and also deter thieves from picking up boxes from porches.
  4. Christmas trees can be a fire hazard. Stay safe by keeping your tree heavily watered and NEVER leave your tree on while you’re away or asleep.