November Product of the Month

burglar alarm systemThere are many components to a home or business burglar alarm system. Knowing how it all works together can be confusing! We get it! So we wanted to highlight burglar alarms as our November Product of the Month to hopefully provide some clarity. First, let’s go over the potential equipment needed for any home or business burglar alarm.

  1. Panel – the panel is where all of the programming is done and communicates alarms to our 24-hour monitoring service. Monitoring can be set up via landline, network connection or wirelessly through cellular communication. The panel is usually installed in a utility closet or basement.
  2. Keypad – the keypad is where the home or business owner will arm or disarm their system using a four-digit code. Owners can create different codes and assign them to different users with different authority levels. DMP also offers a Virtual Keypad, which is an app that is downloaded on any phone and tablet. Users can arm/disarm their alarm system (in addition to other convenient features) with the Virtual Keypad app.
  3. Door/Window Contacts – These small devices are mounted on to a door or window frame. If a window or door is opened while the system is armed, the alarm will go off. If a home or business contains many doors/windows, it may be more cost effective to have a motion detector installed.
  4. Motion Detectors – Motion detectors can either be installed on a wall or on a ceiling. They are designed to pick up on any motion that they sense. If someone walks by the motion while the system is armed, the alarm will go off

Next, let’s go over how your burglar system is monitored. PELMAC is partnered with a 24-hour monitoring service called CentraLarm. If your burglar alarm goes off, CentraLarm will try contacting the home or business owner first to notify them of the alarm. If there is no answer, they will either dispatch the police and then call the next person on your call list (if applicable), or dispatch the police. If the home or business owner does answer and gives the correct passcode that CentraLarm has on record, then no further action is taken. Incorrect passcodes will lead to the dispatch of police. Monitoring your burglar alarm is very affordable with one low monthly fee.

We hope this clears up any confusion on how home and business burglar alarms work! If you have any questions regarding security systems or burglar alarms, please feel free to give our office a call.