September Product of the Month

access control systemAccess control sets limitations for who can enter a certain area, what area(s) they can enter, and when they can enter it. Organizations including schools, universities, health care offices, large corporations and even small businesses use some form of access control. Many business owners use their access control system to integrate with employee photo identification badges.

PELMAC is an authorized dealer of state-of-the-art access control vendors such as Honeywell, Open Options, Keri Systems and DMP.

PELMAC designs and installs access control systems that are customized to each customer’s need and to insure the highest level of safety and protection.

In addition, companies can also integrate their access control system to employee’s photo identification badge. PELMAC can customize and design employee badges to suit the customer’s preferences. Using their access control software, administrators or business owners can control access for each individual employee.

Our customer support would be happy to answer any photo ID or access control questions you may have, give us a call today!