June Product of the Month

LightGuardGanz LightGuard Flashlight with Camera and Video Recorder.


The June product of the month is the Ganz LightGuard HS-DV3200. This product may look like a flashlight but it also is a video camera and recorder. Some of the incredible features of the LightGaurd are:

  • wide dynamic range camera
  • contains a microphone
  • waterproof
  • rechargeable battery
  • high definition video resolution
  • 5” display screen
  • instant playback footage
  • timestamped imaged/videos

The LED light can reach up to 98’ and has the capability of brightness adjustment.  The LightGaurd weighs in at 1.4lbs making it lightweight and easy to carry.

This product is perfect for security officers, law enforcement, night guards and also homeowners. Contact the PELMAC sales department today to learn more about the LightGuard.