Product of the Month: Z-Wave Technology

Take Control of Smart Automation with Z-Wave Technology

Z-Wave Technology is the future of automation. Leverage your existing security system by adding Z-Wave technology to your home or business. In the age of smart phones, take full control of your property by programming your favorite settings with the Virtual Keypad App. Z-Wave devices such as deadbolt locks, thermostats, light bulbs, garage door/overhead controllers, and socket plug adapters can be wirelessly integrated with your security system and automated through the app. When you leave your home or business, you can have one preset to lock your doors, turn down your thermostats, turn off the lights, and arm your security system. There’s many possibilities for you to create and choose from. Let’s take a look at the various Z-Wave devices available for integration and automation.

Shows Available Z-Wave Devices

Z-Wave Devices compatible with the Virtual Keypad App.

Z-Wave Lighting & Appliances

It’s as if you could clap your hands and turn the lights on. Well, almost! Using Z-Wave modules, you can connect your lamp and automate control through the Virtual Keypad App. A great benefit of the Z-Wave module is that you can connect anything to it that has a two or three prong connection. Connect your household appliances – the kitchen mixer, the television, the electric fireplace, etc. If it plugs in, you can remotely turn it on or off with your security system in just a few clicks.

If you would like to automate lighting for a light bulb, there are Z-Wave LED bulbs that can be substituted for the normal fixture bulb. These special bulbs connect via wireless to your security system and can be programmed to dim for various moods. Set your favorite light settings to adjust automatically throughout the day. Hmm, are the lights dimming at 5 o’clock? It must be happy hour! But in all seriousness, Z-Wave lighting gives you many flexible options for remotely controlling the lighting in your home or business.

Z-Wave Locks

Take control of your property by replacing your exterior deadbolt locks with a new sleek Z-Wave door lock. These remote control deadbolt locks can be integrated with your security system and programmed to unlock and lock under different conditions. If your alarm system is triggered, Z-Wave locks can be programmed to lock immediately to prevent any intruders from entering the premise. Anytime you leave your home or business, setting your alarm system can simultaneously tell your Z-Wave locks to secure your doors automatically. Whether it’s your front door or back door, installing a Z-Wave lock will always ensure your access points are covered. The locks also feature a 6-digit keypad for keyless entry, allowing the code keeper more options for access.

Z-Wave Thermostats

Installing a Z-Wave thermostat can greatly increase your energy savings. By switching over to a Z-Wave thermostat, you can create customized schedules for each day of the week, or program your thermostat to cycle on and off at various times of the day. Linking your thermostat with your security system can allow you to turn off the heat when you activate your alarm system. Coming home from the grocery store on a hot summer day? Turn on your AC through the Virtual Keypad App so the house is cool when you get home.

Z-Wave Garage Controller

Why not control your garage too? With the Z-Wave garage controller, you can remotely open and close your garage door using the Virtual Keypad App. If your teenager forgets their gym gear in the garage, you can remotely open the door and give them access inside. Trouble remembering if you closed the garage rushing the kids out to school? You can stay at ease by seeing the door status in the app and acting accordingly.

always stay in control with z-wave technology

Enhance and heighten the safety of your home or business with automated and integrated Z-Wave devices. Remember you are always in control with the Virtual Keypad App. Don’t sweat it. You can check your surveillance cameras, arm your alarm system, and manage your Z-Wave devices all within the app. Whether you’re on the couch or halfway around the world in a business meeting, you will always have the ability to manage your property’s security and safety. It’s no wonder Z-Wave technology is our product of the month!