(VAP) Video Analytics Platform – POM

Your surveillance system is only as powerful as the VAP processing it

Any company involved with video surveillance needs a good Video Analytics Platform (VAP). That’s why it’s no surprise that VAP’s are May’s Product of the Month. A comprehensive VAP can certainly help you top the competition when it comes to leveraging your company’s surveillance camera footage. VAP’s turn your video into searchable, actionable, and quantifiable data to derive operational intelligence and situational awareness. VAP users can make data-driven decisions and respond to evolving situations with time sensitivity and precision.


A camera feed’s moving objects are superimposed over a stagnant background with their timestamp to quickly review footage.

The next generation Video Analytics Platform

To clarify, what is a VAP exactly? A VAP combines smart AI technologies, computer vision, and other advanced solutions to provide a security tool that drives value from your video surveillance system. What good is all that video footage if you can’t make proper use of it efficiently? A VAP gives your security team the power to comb through hours of video footage in seconds. Moreover, accelerate time to target during investigations and simplify the detection process. Search across object classes, behaviors, face and license plate recognition to pinpoint relevant video results and filter out the rest.

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Maintain situational awareness with real-time alerts from your VAP

Maintaining situational awareness will be a key security factor for many businesses, especially in our post-pandemic, recovering. economic climate. With an intelligent VAP, you can trigger real-time, rule-based alerts for line-crossing, facial recognition, vehicles, and object count based on the parameters you choose to program. For the foreseeable future, businesses across all industries will require changes to their operations to comply with public health regulations. When reopening the economy after COVID-19, a company’s ability to enforce these new policies will be a measure of their preparedness. But, a VAP makes that part simple.

Businesses can utilize their VAP to set rule-based alerts based on their customer’s interactions in the store to maintain situational awareness. For example, you can receive notifications when a bottleneck forms near a checkout line to redirect traffic, or get an alert when the building occupancy limit reaches capacity to hold customers at the door. Additionally, facial recognition can even be used to trigger an alert when somebody isn’t wearing a face mask. Together, a combination of these alerts can prepare your security team for any evolving situation and eventually lend a predictable approach to addressing protocol.

Smart security with an intelligent VAP

There’s many reasons why you should consider integrating video analytics into your business security system. Ultimately, its unmatched accuracy, ease of use, and flexible architecture will give you the competitive edge over the competition. With superior performances from these innovative platforms, VAP’s effectively support the business needs of today and tomorrow for centralized, distributed, cloud and hybrid deployment architectures. Plus, mobile apps make it easy to do quick reviews of camera footage in the palm of your hand. Intelligent VAP’s are already being embraced by many cities, universities, hospitals, and airports around the world. A few companies making great strides with VAP technology are Senstar Symphony, BriefCam, and Ironyun. Request a free demo by BriefCam to experience a VAP first-hand and see how it can benefit your business today.