July Product of the Month

The 7872 – The Graphic Touchscreen Keypad with Prox Reader and 4 Zones

If you’re looking to update your old alarm keypad, consider switching to DMP’s graphic touchscreen keypad! The 7872 keypad has a 5” touchscreen making it easy to use in access, burglary, and household fire applications. Their sleek and elegant design makes this keypad suitable for any home or office upgrade. The 7872 comes in black and white and features a resistive screen to decrease wear and tear. The animated graphical interface is simple and intuitive for the user. It’s scrolling capabilities allow users to easily select a variety of settings from the carousel menu. On the main screen, you can click on the interactive shield to quickly arm/disarm your system.


The 7872 keypad is thoughtfully designed to give users control over their alarm system. When an alarm is set off, the Interactive Shield changes to red to notify you even if it silences while you are away. Users can easily manage alarms by using the Verify feature. In the event that an alarm does go off, simply tap “Cancel/Verify” to cancel false alarms or verify real emergencies to rapidly summon help. At the top of the touchscreen, users can view their alarm system history by scrolling through the Attention List.

A built in Panic button at the top of the carousel menu makes it easy to call for help. Speed dial the police, the fire department, or an ambulance in two simple clicks. When the icon illuminates, the 7872 keypad sends a distress call to the proper authorities.

Using Your Graphic Keypad for Access Control

Having a multi-purpose keypad gives you the extra convenience you need when managing your security system. The 7872 comes with a built-in proximity reader which can be used to arm or disarm your system without needing to touch the display or enter a code. Simply flash your key card or proximity key in front of the sensor. When the system is armed, the shield on the screen will read “armed” and the proximity sensor will glow red. Add 4 different zones to your house to keep certain areas armed while others remain open. If you have a frequent need for a specific set-up, program your 7872 keypad and save your favorite presets in your “Favorites” settings.

Product Features

The 7872 has a variety of features that make it the right keypad choice for you:

  1. One-half inch slim profile in glossy black or white finish
  2. Big, bright, 5-inch full-color display
  3. Interactive shield makes one button arming
  4. Intuitive icons guide you through system functions
  5. Pressing the mini shield in the top right corner returns you to the main screen
  6. Wired or wireless
  7. Compatible with the XT and XR series panels
  8. Change the brightness of the screen as well as tone and volume of audible alerts
  9. Unique tones provide audible alerts of different conditions and functions
  10. Use the Proximity Reader at the top of the keypad with key cards or prox keys to give you no-touch, no-code arming and disarming

With so many benefits, DMP makes it easy for you to decide why the 7872 is the right keypad for your home or office upgrade. In addition, our customers can take advantage of the Virtual Keypad App and have all the same controls via your mobile phone. The graphic touchscreen keypad also works with your Z-Wave devices, controlling locks, lights and much more. It’s time you integrate the 7872 keypad into your security system. Contact us for more info on a custom intrusion system and a free quote!