August Product of the Month

Allegion Schlage Wireless Locks

There’s a lot of things to worry about in 2020, so don’t let your security be one of them. Access control is a crucial component to maintaining peace of mind. Whether it be your home or office, you’ll want to be in control of who can access your space. Thankfully, the new Schlage wireless locks by Allegion give you the power to easily manage that access.

The AD-400 Networked Wireless Lock

Allegion Schlage AD-400 Wireless LockThoughtful planning went into the design process for the AD Series locks. They’re compatible with a variety of electronic access control systems and can be easily upgraded without having to remove the lock off the door. The AD-400 is available in cylindrical, mortise, mortise deadbolt and exit trim chassis options.

These wireless locks feature a built-in credential reader and access control sensors to support a variety of credential options. Choose between a PIN, magnetic strip, proximity (125 kHz) or Smart (13.56 MHz) credentials or use a combination of them for extra security. The AD-400 locks use 900 MHz wireless technology to communicate with the PIM400 to operate independently from your IT network. To stay secure during a potential lockdown, the PIM400 is wired directly to your access control panel.

Never worry about a thing – with the touch of a panic button you can automatically lock your doors at once.

The NDE Networked Wireless Lock

Schlage NDE Network Wireless Lock


Schlage NDE Network Wireless Lock


Schlage also offers their NDE Networked wireless locks. The NDE Series comes with a new mobile enabled option that conveniently fits user’s preferences for access with a smart device. Looking for extra customization? The interior push button allows you to select a variety of functions to change the way the lock operates. Choose between storeroom, office, privacy, and apartment functions to manage the access you need for any scenario.

In addition, the NDE Series is compatible with a multitude of credentials including smart, proximity, NFC and Bluetooth (only NDEB) credentials. These compact locks package the credential reader, access control sensors, and cylindrical lock into one small chassis that is affordable and easy to install. No need to worry about updates anymore as the NDE locks can update automatically via a connected WiFi network. Take control of your home or facility’s security with these networked wireless locks.

Now you can stay on top of your security with Schlage and safely keep things locked down. Visit our page on Access Control for more information and how we can build the right custom system for you.