September Product of the Month

Axis releases their new Body Worn Solution.

Body Worn Solution

The new Body Worn Solution by Axis comes at a pivotal time when authorities can greatly benefit by wearing these cameras on duty.

Police officers, security personnel and guards can take advantage of the new cameras by integrating them with their existing VMS (Video Management System) and EMS (Evidence Management System) security technology. These cameras are designed with the end user in mind, considering the rough conditions the camera must withstand and the importance of delivering high quality footage as untampered forensic evidence when needed.

Flexible Architecture

The Axis body worn camera is the world’s most flexible solution. By connecting with their customers during R&D, Axis discovered customers did not want to be pressured into using a specific VMS or EMS. With that in mind, Axis ensures their body worn solution is compatible with existing technology so customers can maximize their tools and build upon their investments.

The Package Solution

The body worn solution has three main pieces of hardware: the body worn camera, the accompanying docking station (1-bay or 8-bay), and the system controller.

Body Worn Solution

The docking station serves as the battery charger. The battery life on the camera can last up to 17 hours, enough for a single or double shift on the job. If a camera gets low while on duty, officers can also charge the camera via their vehicle outlet. The system controller functions as the main hub for transferring the data between the camera to the VMS or EMS of choice.

While body worn cameras are not a new thing, the flexibility and superiority of this camera is definitely fresh. The camera features a lightweight design and rugged exterior built for a variety of conditions. In addition, the Klick Fast mounting system makes it easy to secure the camera to any uniform.

Performance in Action

Body Worn SolutionWhen it comes to performance, the Axis body worn camera is reliable and high quality. The camera captures video up to 1080p @30fps and records audio through two dual microphones for noise cancellation. Built into the camera is the latest wide dynamic range technology to guarantee the best image quality under even the most extreme lighting conditions. The camera contains 64GB of storage which can retain up to 30 hours of recorded footage. Axis Zipstream allows the data to be consolidated within the camera without taking up too much storage.

After using the camera, connect it to the docking station and system controller to off load the media. The system controller can transfer 100Mbit per camera while keeping everything encrypted with AES256 and TLS. Data transfers happen automatically once connected, eliminating the possibility for tampering with footage during transfer. Axis knows how important it is to have unbiased evidence in court, since the recorded footage can shed light to any clouded truth. The solution can easily scale to fit your needs as each docking station can hold up to 8 cameras. Axis strives to make this solution easy to use in each stage of handling – whether filming in action or downloading media.

Training and Education

Apart from gathering forensic evidence, use the media footage for training and documentation purposes. Axis body worn cameras can educate employees in training how to respond to certain real-life situations. Study the footage to have a group discussion, or use it as an exercise to test their knowledge. Educating our current and future police will be imperative to building a safer community.

Deter Bad Behavior

With this technology, Axis hopes to create a larger sense of safety. Awareness of being on camera makes people think twice about their actions. Officials on camera feel more inclined to model their best behavior while citizens are also less likely to act out. Body worn cameras have the ability to deter bad behavior just as normal mounted surveillance cameras.

Accountability for the Future

Unbiased security will always be necessary in society. Axis has done their part in creating a solution that holds all parties accountable. Now it’s your turn to use this technology to engage with our communities and create a safer world for all.

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