November Product of the Month

Borealis – Keri Systems Cloud-based Solution for Access Control

Wouldn’t it be nice right now to know who’s coming and going from your business while you aren’t there? With November’s Product of the Month focusing on Access Control, we’re bringing you Keri System’s cloud-based solution, Borealis! A cloud based system can sometimes be a major organization solution and have extreme benefits; but what cloud based system is safe and which one do you chose? Keri System’s Borealis cloud based security is a safe and secure system that you can trust. With innovative technology and cutting edge features, you can feel at ease with the choice of this secure solution.

Borealis During the current pandemic, many clients have been finding cloud based security systems to be a useful tool to help not only keep things safe, but healthy! The biggest benefit of transitioning your access control system over to the cloud is that it removes the need for a locally hosted database or dedicated PC. Instead, Borealis uses amazon web services to store your database. With this bespoke web interface, you can have access to a plethora of features such as adding cardholders, accessing groups, time schedules and more.

Wherever, Whenever

With Keri System’s Borealis access control solution, you can unlock the power behind the system from anywhere, hassle free. Unlock the doors to your facility straight from your phone or enable and disable who is allowed to use the functions from your phone at any distance. The ability to access and unlock your access control system can be executed from a desktop, iPad, tablet, Apple iOS, or Android product.


This technology allows you to be able to monitor your building wherever you are. If you aren’t in a position to monitor at the time, you can go back and view reports to see who accessed your building, where and when. You can also stay worry free with the Borealis scheduling feature, which allows you to set specific times for your building to lock and unlock on its own.

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Ease of Use

Our friends at Keri Systems took their time developing Borealis, keeping the end user in mind through every stage of R&D. Nowadays, everyone wants to work with an easy to use interface. Learning a new system can be complicated, and inadvertently deter the main controller from using their solution effectively. You can rest assured, learning to use Borealis will be easy and seamless. Take a look at some of the features below.


Product Features at a glance:

  1. Real time events – Monitor your building security wherever you are, see who’s coming and going.
  2. Reports – Run incident reports to see the history of access throughout your building.
  3. Remote card management – Cloud key management allows you to add or remove users remotely.
  4. Remote unlock – Unlock and lock your doors from your mobile phone.
  5. Schedules – Set a time for your doors to automatically restrict access to users.
  6. Rule based access control – Assign a user access rights to gain access through specific doors.
  7. Multiple user logins – Assign multiple users a login and permissions to administer your building security
  8. Device friendly – Access Borealis from any device with a web browser on both IOS and Android.

If you would like to know more about how an access control system can benefit you, contact us here and we will get in touch with you!