December Product of the Month

AXIS P12 Network Camera Series

Modular cameras take discreet surveillance to the next level


We always remind our customers to be careful around the holidays. With an increase in shopping and spending, naturally we see an increase in criminal activity from thieves and robbers. Beefing up your security in sensitive environments can make all the difference when dealing with theft.

Modular cameras act as an essential tool for security investigators when solving a crime. Thanks to their sleek and compact design, these cameras are ideal for being installed in high priority areas and going unnoticed. AXIS ups their flexible architecture by releasing a new line of cameras called the AXIS P12 Network Series.


Key features at a glance:

  • Functional and extremely discreet design
  • Easy and flexible installation
  • Visual and thermal models
  • Edge storage
  • .Zipstream
  • Power over Ethernet

Discrete Surveillance for Various Applications

The AXIS P12 Network Camera Series is one of their most compact camera styles. These miniature cameras pack all the same technology as AXIS’ larger lines – a visual sensor with HDTV 720p/1080p definition and a thermal sensor (208×156). Being discrete is one of the top features the AXIS P12 has to offer.  Their tiny design makes them ideal for a variety of settings, as you can install them in both indoor and outdoor environments. The visual models are perfect for ATM’s, banks, stores, hotels, architectural buildings, and offices while the thermal models are better in schools and care homes. The AXIS P12’s can be installed in a variety of ways; for a more discrete look they can be flush mounted in walls or ceilings, elevators, or small spaces. Of course, they can be mounted on surfaces as well, but this calls more attention to the camera.



Building a Modular Camera

Inside the cameras, you can find a sensor unit containing a lens and image sensor. Attached to the unit is a long cable which connects the lens to the main body. The body consists of a memory card slot, power, and a network port for running the entire thing through Ethernet. The benefit of attaching the camera via a long cable is that a security installer can mount the body somewhere else while the camera can fit into smaller spaces. As a result, this flexibility comes in handy for the customer to choose which location suits their needs best.

AXIS P12 Intelligent Video Features

The AXIS P12 has a variety of intelligent video capabilities to help your security team maximize their system. Features such as motion detection and alarm tampering can make incoming theft easier to identify. When you purchase these cameras, your security team will also have access to AXIS Camera Application Platform for additional support.

Seamlessly Manage Your Video

A built-in microSD memory card slot makes it convenient to manage your video footage and offload critical data when an incident occurs. Users can also have additional support through complimentary software such as AXIS Companion. Your security personnel can rest at ease knowing that AXIS P12 video streams encode in H.264 and Motion JPEG.

Amp Up Your Security with the Axis P12

In conclusion, if you’re experiencing any issues maintaining tight security, the AXIS P12 will surely fill in the gaps. If you would like to learn more about the variety of cameras in their Network Series, you can request a quote from our Sales Team.