January Product of the Month

Virtual Keypad App by DMP

Welcome to the New Year everyone! This month we’re featuring the Virtual Keypad App by DMP. There’s nothing like having full control of your entire security system from your phone, tablet, or computer. At the touch of your fingertips, you can manage different settings to control your video surveillance, burglar alarm, and access control. If your home is integrated with Z-Wave devices, you can even control the thermostat, locks, lights, and more.

Virtual Keypad AppThe Virtual Keypad App is available for iPhone and Android, and works with Apple and PC computers and tablets. If you are using a computer, use your web browser to access virtualkeypad.com. From the app or website, you can enter your login and system user code to manage your account. There, you have the ability to arm/disarm your security system, view surveillance cameras, or lock your doors.

DMP’s XTL Plus, XT, and XR series panels are compatible with the Virtual Keypad App. This integration allows you to manage your security system on the go through the Virtual Keypad App or website. Whether it’s your home security system or business security system, with the Virtual Keypad you can manage both in just a few clicks. Connect up to 8 of your surveillance cameras to view or record footage through the Virtual Keypad App or website.

Virtual Keypad Automation and Functionality

Automate your system by creating different presets and schedules in the app. For example, you can assign your security system to arm, lock, and dim the lights and thermostat when you leave your home or business. If you’re with family during the holidays, choose your favorite settings to automatically turn on the lights and electric fireplace when you come home. In other words, you can see how the possibilities are endless when it comes to automation and scheduling.

Virtual Keypad AppBut let’s not get lost in the convenience of controlling your smart home. We are a security company now. The main reason we love the Virtual Keypad App is because you have full control of your entire security system on the go. With an easy to use interface, big icons, and choice of bold colors, anybody can be trained to understand its functionality. Clicking on the shield icon will arm/disarm your system. If the screen and shield icon turn red, it’s an indication that an alarm has gone off. In the History tab, you can review all of your system activity. By setting up instant notifications when your alarm goes off, you can view cameras in the moment to easily manage false alarms. If somebody is outside, activate your Lockdown mode to immediately lock all your doors with the XR150 and XR550 systems.

Check out the key features below and see why you should consider adding the Virtual Keypad to your security arsenal. As we’ve covered in this post, it’s a game changer when it comes to control, function, automation, and ease of use. If you’re thinking about adding an intrusion or access control system by DMP, using their Virtual Keypad is a no-brainer. Contact us if you would like to learn more about how our team of specialists can customize the right security system for your business or residential needs.

Key Features

  • Arming/Disarming
  • Home and business automation features allow users to control lights, locks and thermostats
  • View and record video – up to 8 cameras
  • Manage multiple systems from a single login
  • Add, edit and delete users from the system
  • Review system activity from the History tab
  • View, add, edit and delete system schedules for arming/disarming, favorites, outputs and doors
  • Lock and unlock doors and initiate Lockdown to all public doors in XR150 and XR550 systems
  • A red shield now displays along with a red background and banner to indicate an alarm under the arming tab