February Product of the Month

Smartphone Access Control by VIZpin

This February, we’re excited to be talking about VIZpin – the smartphone access control company. VIZpin makes their solution incredibly user-friendly for nearly every market. All you need is a smartphone and their piece of hardware – that’s it! VIZpin demystifies the idea that security is only for the pros. Rather, their solution is built with the end-user in mind. They deliver an affordable solution that installs in minutes and provides quality function and security. Access control made simple for the layman.


How does it work? VIZpin is a complete Bluetooth smartphone access control system that requires no network connection. Their hardware connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth to let users gain access to a specific area. Download the VIZpin SMART app for Android or iPhone and register your phone to create your Smartkey. No need for key fobs or cards anymore. Your smartphone now acts as your personal key. And, you can manage access to different users through the VIZpin cloud management system.


Things don’t get any more convenient than VIZpin. You can grant and revoke access to anyone, anytime, from anywhere, even when the networks are down. VIZpin does not require internet to work since it uses Bluetooth. It’s pretty awesome to have the ability to manage your entire access control system from your smartphone. What a wonderful time we’re living in.


Are you wondering how secure this solution is? Well, VIZpin delivers with their double encryption including 128-bit AES and their proprietary algorithm. Because the system runs off Bluetooth, it does not need to tie into any local network. This helps with security because hackers don’t have a backdoor to break through. And as previously mentioned, VIZpin continues to work when there’s no active network connection. This provides support around the clock, no matter what the conditions are. You can rest assured this access control system will always be there to do its job.


The most amazing part about VIZpin has to be its affordability. Lots of high tech electronic access control systems can be very costly as expenses add up quickly per door installation. However, VIZpin’s solution is designed specifically to be affordable and easily scalable. By eliminating expensive panels, networks, and wiring, customers can save up to 75% per door during installation. With limited costs, it becomes an appealing solution for customers looking to save a few dollars while having a superb functionality. Plus, everyone has a smartphone nowadays. So right off the bat, there’s no need to invest in keys, fobs or cards.

VP1 Bluetooth Access Control Reader

Smartphone Access ControlThe VP1 is the only piece of hardware you’ll need to crossover to VIZpin. It’s a full-featured access system controller that’s compatible with any electronic lock. The reader needs a battery and is very simple to install. It has four wires (two for power, two for electronic relay) making it much more affordable to install compared to traditional card readers or keypads. If you’re in the process of looking to replace your current access control system, the VP1 can help ease the transition. By integrating directly with existing card readers, keypads, and biometrics, you can begin migrating access keys over to the smartphone option. Eventually, you’ll phase out the old keys as you fully convert over to VIZpin.

Refined Access Control

Don’t confuse yourself when we say “refined” by any means. What we’re referring to is VIZpin’s ability to strip away the extra hardware, reduce costs, and deliver an access control solution that’s affordable, scalable, and compatible with existing access systems. By focusing only on the necessities, VIZpin refines their approach to access control to create a dependable and efficient solution for everyone. If you’d like to learn more about VIZpin, contact us and we’d be happy to answer any of your questions.