May Product Of The Month

WaveLynx Ethos Readers

This May, we’re excited to be talking about WaveLynx Technologies Ethos readers. Headquartered in Broomfield, Colorado; Wavelynx aims to create an exceptional end-user experience while leading the security industry to a more secure, open, and interoperable future. Ease of transition is one of, if not the main calling card of Wavelynx Technologies Ethos readers. In 2018 they partnered with Safetrust, a developer of mobile credentials. This partnership was designed to offer their customers a solution that enables a seamless transition from traditional proximity cards to future smart credentials. WaveLynx membership in The Leaf Consortium adds even more creditability to their claim of openness. Leaf Consortium is a group of partners intent on bringing interoperability to the Access Control, Identity Credentials market, and beyond. Wavelynx and its partners continue to focus on easily transitioning proximity cards to a more secure credential technology. The time for upgrading from standard prox to smart credentials is NOW.


Ethos readers enable an easy transition from legacy cards to secure, encrypted smart cards and mobile credentials. Ethos readers interface with every access control panel on the market, supporting the latest standard protocols and functionality. Standard technologies include Proximity (125 kHz), Smart (13.56 MHz), NFC, and Bluetooth®, so that customers can execute a straightforward migration path to secure credentials and security ecosystems. With over-the-air and over-the-wire upgrade capabilities, the WaveLynx readers can be updated to include new standard mobile, identity, and IoT protocols as they evolve. Secure smart cards or Mobile credentials can be introduced at any time.



All Ethos readers are fully OSDP™ compliant and currently enabled for Secure Channel and remote firmware upgrades. Additionally, Ethos™ readers offer a unique patented feature called OSDP Autodetect. They communicate with OSDP over the same Wiegand wires to automatically detect and convert to OSDP secure channel protocol when the panel is upgraded, eliminating the need to rewire or reconfigure the reader. Why does OSDP matter? Reduced confusion in the access control network, a program with no annual membership fees and very infrequent retest triggers, a consultative process that guides vendors to best industry practices, verified lists of devices that have passed testing, and continuous access to open-source testing tools. This access encourages community feedback, which in turn allows devices to remain consistent through their product life cycle.


  • Multiple technologies in a single reader: Proximity, Smart (NFC) & BLE
  • OSDP™ Autodetect℗
  • OSDP Secure Channel  and remote firmware upgradability
  • OSDP Verified
  • MIFARE DESFire® EV1, EV2, + EV3 support
  • Ethos Wiegand/OSDP readers work with MyPass Mobile Credentials
  • LEAF credential support for secure, open, interoperability
  • FSK and ASK legacy proximity credentials support for seamless transitions
  • Accelerometer-based tamper detection
  • Tri-state LED light bar (red, green, amber) and audible buzzer
  • Accommodates indoor and outdoor installation environments

Stay on top of your safety and security with WaveLynx technology. Visit our page on Access Control for more information and how we can build the right custom system for you.