June Product of The Month


This June, we’re excited to be reviewing the IP Verso security intercom by 2N. You may be wondering what is an IP intercom, and how does it differentiate from other intercom systems? An IP intercom is one that, like other modern-day products including VoIP phones and network devices, connects to your local network. Once connected, you can configure and manage your IP intercom with a web management interface, similar to your home router. 2N produces IP door intercoms, answering units, and access control devices (among other things). One product of theirs that consistently proves popular with end-users as well as integrators, for being robust, flexible, and long durability is the IP Verso intercom.

The IP Versos’ benefits/Features

2N’s intercoms, including the IP Verso, support the SIP protocol, making it easy for the integrator or end-user to link the unit to the building’s IP phones and third-party PBX without having to connect the device to a third-party server. If you have an existing VoIP phone system or on-site PBX, you can configure complex call routing options with the intercom on your existing business phone system. The IP Verso’s web management interface allows for advanced call routing options, including sending calls to multiple answering units either in groups or consecutively, and forwarding intercom calls to mobile phone numbers or the 2N app.


  • Bluetooth Technology
  • Fingerprint Reader
  • Intuitive Controls and Search
  • Night Vision Camera
  • Touchscreen
  • Trouble Free Installation
  • Remote Configuration

What Makes the IP Verso Different?

Modular in design, the possibilities with the IP Verso are seemingly endless. Individual modules are combined to create a multi-functional unit. A single IP Verso could act as an intercom, an access reader, an access verification device, and an IP camera simultaneously.

Other potential configurations include video intercom, fingerprint scanner, and digital keypad modules. These can be combined to create multi-layered access control, as well as configurable call routing between the intercom itself and multiple 2N answering units. You can even forward calls from the intercom to your smartphone or an IP phone on your desk. If that IP phone has video capabilities (these are built into the smartphone app), you’ll be able to see your home visitor or whoever’s at the door, too.

The IP Verso can cover 13.56MHz or a combination of frequencies. This allows for more flexibility when installing 2N units in buildings that have an existing card reading system in place, preventing the need for all residents or members of staff from having to replace their ID cards.

Smart Solution

2N’s modular IP Verso is far more than an intercom. Capable of acting as an IP access control reader and verification device, as well as an IP intercom capable of complex call routing, either natively via web management or through a third-party phone system provider, the IP Verso makes access control simple and scalable. As a result of their flexibility, range, and strength in both intercom and access control applications, the 2N Verso is appropriate for large and small businesses alike, as well as residential apartment buildings and even single-residence estates.