July Product Of The Month

July Product of the month

Axis Q6100-E PTZ Network camera

This July we are excited to be highlighting the Axis Q6100-E PTZ Network camera. Yes, I know what you’re thinking when did Axis break into Area 51 and get their hands on a UFO, and unless you’ve seen the Q6100-E hovering above one of your local businesses then your confusion is forgiven. Released in 2020 the Q6100-E is your premier video option for 360° real-time protection. As alluded to above Q6100-E design is sleek and futuristic, which could lead some to ask “does the technology on the inside match the futurism of its exterior? Or is the Q6100’s bark bigger than its bite?”. When the Q6100-E was released in 2020 it didn’t enter the market as just another Panoramic camera option but as the new industry standard. Even now in 2021, the Q6100-E is light years ahead. But Why? see below.

What’s underneath the hood. 

Designed for use with AXIS Q61 Series cameras, the Q6100-E contains four 5MP sensors that offer incredible image quality day or night. Each sensor has an exchangeable lens with autofocus making the camera adaptable for any location or configuration. Do you need multiple doors protected or designated hotspots that can’t be serviced by only one security camera? Then the one-click PTZ functionality allows one camera to monitor an area more effectively than several fixed bracket models. The Q6100-E offers a variety of included analytics to further secure your property. These analytics include directional audio detection, Autopilot, and AXIS Video Motion Detection. AXIS Guard Suite is also included and offers features including Motion Guard, Fence Guard, and Loitering Guard. Four cameras in one already sound futuristic. However, we haven’t even touched on what truly sets the Q6100-E apart from its competition, that being the PTZ camera.

So what can the PTZ do? The Q6100-E features autopilot mode for automatic PTZ monitoring of any viewing area you need. Did you want directional audio detection to add an extra level of security? Then you are covered. It also features an autopilot mode for automatic PTZ monitoring. You determine what the PTZ follows and what it ignores all while viewing in up to 4k. Speaking of viewing, video is captured in crystal clear 2592 x 1944 HD at up to 20fps and 20 mp. With a home mapping system, the PTZ allows you to easily reset your camera to whatever you deem the most important hot spot. You are the master of what is tracked and what the PTZ leaves alone. It’s this functionality that makes the Q6100-E PTZ the best choice for high-traffic areas.

How does the Q6100-E hold up?

Built with a durable aluminum casing and Polycarbonate hard-coated dome, the Q6100-E is rated IP66 against water and dust entry. Sharpdome technology features speed dry, which ensures clarity in rainy weather and allows for high-pressure cleaning by removing the water droplets from the dome. What is a futuristic spaceship without an alarm system? The Q61 has an onboard tampering alarm to protect itself from potential damage, an invaluable addition to any security system. The Q61-E can even operate in temperatures ranging as low as -50 degrees celsius. In addition, this series supports automatic defog. The camera detects the presence of fog and filters it out for a clear image. 


Axis Q61 Series cameras have won several rewards over the years and the Q6100-E is continuing this trend. On July, 8th, 2021 the Q6100-E won the Commercial Integrator 2021 BEST Award for security cameras. So why is the industry this high on the Q6100-E? Simply put; unmatched analytics, design options that allow the camera to effectively secure multiple areas of concern, ease of use with the PTZ system, and the durability to hold up in almost any environment. However, it should be noted that this camera is not for the residential market. Unless that is, you have a million-dollar asteroid you bought at auction. For the commercial user, while they offer some lower-priced models to obtain wider coverage without blowing up your budget, expect to pay a premium for an Axis system. However, you get what you pay for. That being a camera unmatched in the current market.