September Product of the Month

Ava Cloud Video Security

This September, we’re excited to be reviewing Ava’s cloud video security. The goal of this month is tapping into the simplicity and flexibility of Ava’s intelligent video surveillance solutions to protect your people, property, and data. What is the brain behind Ava’s video surveillance and operational analytics?  That would be the Ava aware cloud. With Aware, you can quickly search by event, object, and similarity to find a specific person, vehicle, or event of interest through countless hours of video within seconds or minutes. So what does that mean for you? 90% less time spent on investigations, 30-50% yearly operational savings through the cloud, or 10x increase in operator efficiency. Ava excels at integrating the tools and systems you use every day and simply transitioning them to their cloud video surveillance solutions.

Ava Aware Cloud

Open, scalable, secure, and easy to use, Aware is a powerful cloud-based AI video management system equipped with machine learning capabilities. Suitable for both large enterprise installations and small deployments, Aware analyzes all the video feeds from all your Ava and third-party cameras all the time and in real-time. It identifies objects and events, sending instant alarms based on rules and unusual activity detection.

With Aware you can

Power your operators to investigate smarter and faster, enhance your operational awareness, keep your system protected from cyberattacks and integrate with what you use everyday. Aware enables you to select clips of interest and then generate a link that you can send to relevant people, such as your Human Resources department or law enforcement authorities. When they follow this link, they can view your selected video clip without needing access credentials for Aware. You can choose the access availability or allow the viewer to download.



Heatmaps are ideal for gaining more insights into retail, healthcare, schools and other educational facilities, public venues, hospitality locales, public transport, or federal government premises. The tool provides an enhanced awareness of customer behavior, dwell times and congestions, transportation flows, suspicious activities, and more.

Occupancy counting

Use occupancy counting to monitor large facilities and keep a rolling total of the flow of people and vehicles in and out of your premises. Additionally, users can use in-view area counting to monitor specific areas where people are congregating. Aware can use API calls to create customized information displays to notify people about occupancy levels or to generate heat maps of high and low traffic areas.


With Ava, you don’t need to rip and replace. Unlock enhanced flexibility and integrate the systems, tools, and devices your teams use every day to get the most out of the Ava Aware Cloud™ video management system, Ava Cloud Connector™, and other Ava physical security solutions. Ava integrates with third-party security cameras such as Onvif, Vaptix and Vivotek. If you’re looking to avoid spending on brand new cameras just Connect your existing Axis or Vivotek security cameras with the Aware Cloud VMS to gain proactive insights. Not only is Ava compatible with third party cameras, but also access control systems such as Feenics. In the video below we can see how not only easy it is to connect to a third party system, but how each system enhances the other. See below!

Ava Aware video management system and Keep by Feenics access control integration from Ava Security on Vimeo.