Products & Solutions

PELMAC offers security products and solutions for both residential and commercial properties using innovative security technologies.


Access Controlproducts and solutions limits who, when and where certain people can gain entry to a restricted area. Fobs and badges can also be integrated with the alarm system, disarming the alarm by swiping the badge or fob. Business owners and mangers can use the access control software to track which fobs/badges were used, when they were used and to what area.

Ward off intruders in your home or business by installing a state-of-the-art burglar alarm system. These systems are custom designed based on the properties’ needs. Common burglar alarm hardware includes, a keypad, door contacts, window contacts and motion detectors. Some business may require panic buttons and other intrusion devices. PELMAC can also install smoke & carbon monoxide detectors.

Camera surveillanceproducts and solutions is constantly surrounded by new security technology. We pride ourselves in staying current with state-of-the-art security trends. Cameras come in all shapes and sizes with a variety of special features such as wide angle, light adjustment, temperature control and much more. Business owners can be trained on accessing and utilizing the video management software that is integrated with the camera surveillance system. They will be able to view live and play back footage as well as search for videos stored on the video server.

Intercom systems are very popular in businesses in schools. They are a two way communication device that allows business and homeowners to speak with their guests before granting them entry. Added protection can include burglar alarm, access control and surveillance systems.

PELMAC can design and print customized company photo identification cards for employees. These cards can also be integrated with an access control system.