Metal Detection

metal detectionSecure your entrances and security checkpoints with metal detection technology.

PELMAC sells two metal detection devices, a walk-through metal detector and hand-held wand. These security products are ideal to heighten the security at any public arena, venue or facility. Devices can be sold separately, but it is encouraged to use both together to optimize security checkpoints and proper identification. Once a person walks through the detector and has been identified has having a metal item, the wand can help pinpoint exactly where on the body it is being concealed. Below you can find the features for each metal detection device.

Hand Held Metal Detector Wand

  • Digital microprocessor technology eliminates the need for sensitivity adjustments
  • Rugged, high-impact ABS case with reinforced coil compartment
  • 9V Rechargeable battery included (Up to 60hrs)
  • Detection of metal causes clear alarm noise and bright LED illumination
  • Momentary push button helps temporarily eliminate detection of nearby ambient metal
  • The detection distance will not change when the battery voltage drops from 9V to 7V
  • Low Battery Indication
  • Includes audio, light and vibration hands-off switch

metal detectionWalk Through Metal Detector

  • Six detection zones, each with independent sensitivity controls, indicate relative height of detected object
  • Status display with red lamp for alarm condition, green for ready
  • Security on/off key lock and two 6-digit user selectable pass-codes
  • AC power inlet points on both side panelsmetal detection
  • Efficiently & accurately screen occupants for weapons, cell phones, etc.
  • 6 detection zones ensure objects are detected regardless of where they are concealed.

Contact the Sales Department for more information on the metal detection devices and to coordinate a consultation. Pricing includes set-up, instruction & break-down.