Surveillance Cameras

surviellance cameras

Surveillance cameras are one of the most popular products for commercial security systems and can be essential during investigative purposes. PELMAC sales professionals will guide customers through the overwhelming choices of surveillance cameras based on the identified security needs and budget of the customer. Business owners/administrators will have access to Video Management Software, where they will be trained on how to view live and play back footage as well as search for videos stored on the video server.

Enhance your security infrastructure by integrating surveillance cameras with your intrusion and access control or other system.

Below are the basic surveillance camera categories. For details on specific functionality and features, please contact us.

Fixed Cameras: Stationary cameras provide full high definition video quality whether in high contrast or low light environments. The shape of these cameras can be dome, bullet or boxed.

Thermal Cameras: Can produce images based on the heat that radiates from any object, vehicle or person.

Explosion-Protected Cameras: These cameras are designed for hazardous areas. Cameras are enclosed in a stainless steel material that prevent gas, sparks or vapors from interfering with the cameras functionality.

On-board Cameras: Designed for public transportation vehicles such as buses or trains.

surveillance camera

Pan, Tilt & Zoom Camera by Vivotek

Pan, Tilt & Zoom Cameras: An external event such as motion detection or a door opening can trigger the camera to automatically pan, tilt, zoom and focus on the target in less than a second. Cameras will display a clear and detailed video image whether the subject is in motion or under low light conditions.

surveillance camera

Outdoor Ready 360 Degree Camera by Axis

360 Degree Cameras: One camera can get an entire room, large or small. ability to pan tilt zoom, specify an area to focus and swivel around to change targets.

180 Degree Cameras: These cameras offer 180 degree coverage providing a panoramic view of an entire area using only one camera.

Discreet Camera Systems: are available on a purchase or rental basis and can be a valuable tool for solving certain problems such as inventory control, employee theft and employee productivity


Interested in learning more about specific products that PELMAC installs? Visit the Video Surveillance Resource page to view and download product documentation to learn more about different surveillance products, features and functionality.