Video Management Software

video management softwareVideo Management Software is used to view live or playback surveillance footage that cameras capture. Video clips and still images can be emailed, printed or archived. Footage can also be watermarked for investigative purposes. PELMAC installs top of the line management software that provides high quality video footage and easy to use search tools.

Some of the features of various software programs are:

  • Interactive Mapping: View a map of camera locations and click on specific cameras for further details and information
  • Segment Search: Dividing the video into segments (thumbnails), allowing you to quickly find the video you need
  • Investigate alarms immediately
  • Search Through Time: Video frames automatically populate as the timeline cursor is moved for a much faster search
  • Data System Integration: Some software systems (exacqVision for example) integrate with other access control systems, including license plate recognition, heat mapping and intrusion detection
  • Bookmark video clips to review later
  • Mobile applications available to log into software anytime, anywhere


Interested in learning more about specific products that PELMAC installs? Visit the Video Management Resource page to view and download product documentation to learn more about different video management products, features and functionality.