monitoring servicesPELMAC has used Centra-Larm Monitoring for over 30 years. Centra-Larm monitors your security system 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Monitoring services can be applied to security systems in both residential and commercial properties. Typical security products that are monitored include burglar alarms, fire alarms, openings & closings (access control), temperature changes and more.

If your system is monitored and your alarm goes off, Centra-Larm will follow the notification protocol that was established with the customer during set-up. They will go through your call list notifying individuals of the alarm (via call, text or both), and they will ask each individual for the passcode associated with your account.

There are different methods of communications to Centra-Larm that customers can select if they choose to have their system monitored.

Dial: This traditional method of communication uses a landline telephone line. It is not always stable and some homes might not have landlines, so network and cell communication might be a better alternative.

Network: Monitoring via the internet is priced the same as dial-up and is a good option if the property does not have a phone line.

Cellular: This is a wireless solution that has become increasingly popular because it allows communication to CentraLarm to go through if telephone wires have been cut or the power goes out. However, it is a little more expensive and a strong cell signal is needed in order for communication to work properly.

Activity Reports

All monitoring customers are encouraged to test their devices on a regular basis. Our account managers are happy to put your alarm on test to ensure your system is working properly. Authorized individuals can request a report containing a detailed list of how devices are testing-in and who is arming/disarming the system.