Fire Alarm

Professional Fire Alarm System Installation for Business

fire alarm system

AES Radio Communicator

In addition to installing smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, PELMAC technicians can also install other parts of a fire alarm system such as, integrated fire communication equipment in commercial properties. The staff at PELMAC will work with the town/city Fire Department and acquire necessary permits to make sure the installation meets all the requirements and codes.

fire alarm system

Manual Pull Station by DMP

Your fire alarm system should be tested regularly.  This allows for evacuation policies to be practiced and ensure that all equipment works properly. Depending on how often the business would like to be tested, PELMAC can test your system bi-annually, annually, quarterly, etc. For more information on fire safety products, contact our sales team at (603)623-5916.

Interested in smoke or carbon monoxide detectors? These devices can be easily be integrated with any home burglar alarm system.