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This May, we’re excited to be reviewing Alarm.coms Mobile App. The Alarm.Com Mobile App provides a comprehensive security and home automation interactive service platform through web and mobile-based applications. In this blog we will delve into developments has taken and what makes them one of the leading platforms for home automation and security system remote management in homes and businesses. Their cloud-based service provides complete security and a home automation eco-system. You can monitor almost every aspect of a modern security and home automation system. Additionally, you can remotely control your system on any computer, tablet, or mobile device with an internet connection. There is an App for Windows, iPhones, and Android devices.

Industry Innovator

Founded in 2000, is one of the oldest providers of interactive security solutions and is responsible for introducing remote notifications and alerts through cellular communications. They released their first mobile application in 2007. It allowed complete remote services which included video surveillance with security cameras, home automation, and energy management solutions. In 2015 launched its thermostat and integrated software for integrated devices. More recently, they have expanded their lineup of cameras and are constantly updating the software with the latest AI and technological innovations.



Homes equipped with an service plan have the interactive capability to be programmed to send an e-mail or text to let you know when specific activity occurs. For instance, you can program your system to let you know when your kids get home from school or alert you that a package has been delivered. cameras can even record the event and include a video clip in the notification. Additionally, you can place notification sensors on medicine, liquor, or gun cabinets to enable you to keep tabs on sensitive areas. This can also serve as an important functionality by monitoring movement and activity (or lack of) throughout the house. Do you want to allow access to your home but, don’t want to give out your code? Your system can be disarmed and then re-armed remotely from your smartphone. Want to know when the system was disarmed? You can check the event history right from your computer, tablet, or mobile device.

Home Automation

Not only does provide a full spectrum of interactive security features, but they offer one of the industry’s most powerful home automation platforms.

Door Lock Control– Not only can you control access by being able to lock and unlock the door remotely, but you can assign new lock codes to enable guests, babysitters, dog walkers, or contractors access in your absence.

Control Lights & Lamps– Ever feel anxiety or a sense of worry coming home to a dark house? With the app, you can turn on lights and even small appliances remotely. Additionally, you can pre-program lighting schedules based on your normal activities. You can take advantage of the intelligent lighting functions available in Smart Schedules which will automatically vary your schedules so that there are no predictable lighting patterns to tip off would-be intruders.

Energy Management- Turn up the heat from the car on the way home from the ski slopes and it’ll be toasty warm when you get home! Not only can you program your system with the App, but you can fine-tune your home energy management system and optimize savings with their exclusive Predictive Performance Energy feature. In addition, you can take advantage of their proprietary algorithms to calculate the estimated savings you would realize by making temperature and scheduling adjustments!

An App That’s Smart and Easy to Use

The App is available for download on iTunes and Google Play. You can easily activate your account once it is set up with your security provider. The App is very intuitive and the user experience is rated favorably.


One can create a rule that shuts off the heating system and activates lights if a smoke detector or carbon monoxide were activated. This would prevent the home heating system or air conditioning system from spreading deadly noxious fumes and light the way to safety.

Of course, you can use rules for more basic functions such as turning on a light when you unlock the integrated door.


You can create a whole series of events. For instance, one can create a scene that would turn on lights, turn up the heat and start the coffee when the system is disarmed from the bedside in the morning!


You can set up scenes to work based on a set time with the Smart Schedule function. In this instance, the same events are tied into the scheduled times programmed into the system.


Program your system to let you know if you forgot to turn off lights, shut the garage door or arm your system once you move beyond a pre-configured distance from the home. Once you move beyond the geofence parameters, the system will send a text or e-mail notification to remind you.

Summary- Alarm.Com App Leads the Field

Rounding up, has created an App that is a benchmark by which all other competitors are measured. The app is intuitive- with a user-friendly interface that makes it easy to operate and set up with little to no experience. Additionally, it is a stable platform that is compatible with many of the most popular security and home automation companies and brands of equipment. Ongoing research and development ensure that the product continues to expand the feature set and develop relationships with other companies.

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