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March Product of the Month

Our industry has seen a shift in physical security. No longer is our equipment used as merely a reactionary and defensive solution, but with the gains in technology, we can now proactively protect assets. Our customers are demanding systems that are faster and more intelligent and at the same time cost-efficient. They require systems that can handle vast amounts of data, then process that data at lightning speeds. However, it’s not just the security industry receiving a boost from advancements in technology. Artificial intelligence is improving everyday solutions, driving efficiency, and saving countless hours of work. Self-driving cars to intelligent analytics, the widespread impacts of Learning-based technology empower its operators. With the introduction of AI, solutions are not merely powered by data, but they also generate valuable information. Systems that were once used for a precise, dedicated purpose, can now be engaged broadly across an organization. The previously underused data can now be harnessed for increasing productivity and performance.

Video Analytics Software

When it comes to physical security, video surveillance is a standard solution. However, by introducing AI video analytics software, video data can be used as intel in previously unobtainable ways. Here are some examples of how different organizations are using AI-based video intelligence solutions to enhance security and performance. Law enforcement depends on video surveillance for extracting evidence and monitoring people and locations. Instead of a manual video review and live surveillance – which is prone to human error and distraction. Law enforcement can use video analysis to expedite video investigations, increase awareness, improve response times, identify suspicious individuals and uncover video anomalies. AI video software measures and analyzes videos to detect all the people and objects that appear in them. They then compile this info as metadata that can be searched and referenced later.

Increasing awareness:

Understanding traffic trends is critical for transport companies, from public transit services to transportation hubs and airports. By using video insights from citywide traffic; public transit organizations can make data-driven decisions about scheduling and services. Examining video surveillance around bus stops can help these companies understand the exact hours people tend to use bus stops. Likewise, heatmaps obtained from video of transport terminals can be beneficial for increasing security, enhancing situational awareness, and identifying causes of congestion. Solving these problems improves the experience for travelers.


Much like a city, large campuses have transportation services, residential facilities, businesses, and law enforcement. AI video analysis can help the campus intelligently manage each of those sectors, while also providing video intelligence to these individual groups. When campuses expand or develop additional infrastructure, they can plan new crosswalks, traffic lights, roads, buildings, and entrances and exits based on thorough video intelligence. By understanding where pedestrians and vehicles gather, walk, cross or even violate traffic laws, the campus can plan and build effective future infrastructure and optimize procedures.

Business Operations:

Businesses can leverage video intelligence to make informed decisions on lease pricing for different retailers across multiple storefronts and accurately display property values based on traffic trends. If it’s increasing security, productivity, or decision-making, the understanding created by AI-based technology can produce important optimizations.

In the case of AI-backed video analytics, a multitude of organizations can utilize video surveillance to influence their decision-making processes. Justification for the funding of video security was once used only for its security value. Now with its AI capabilities, facility managers and security directors can look at these solutions for countless business operations because of the wide range of valuable intelligence. Video surveillance and analytics is just the first example of AI-driven solutions that are changing our industry.

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